We have always loved James Krenov’s work, his organic flowing shapes and clean lines have served as inspiration for decades of artisans and cabinetmakers.

We have just added our interpretation of James Krenov’s chess table; this project will be a pleasure to build as well as a beautiful and useful addition to any home.

As always, we offer a full set of shop drawings in PDF format along with a SketchUp model and a 3D PDF. You now have the ability to choose how you want to approach your build, depending on your experience; you can build our projects by using any, or all, of the three plan formats we offer. Another great feature of our plan strategy is that you don’t have to purchase expensive software to view and use our plans, if fact, you don’t have to purchase any software, that’s because SketchUp Maker or Viewer and Adobe Reader are all free. We will even link you to SketchUp and Adobe Reader from the links we offer under our Resources sections – check it out.

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