Shaker Writing Desk

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This is a classic drop-top desk in that timeless Shaker style. The desk has supports that pull out of the case and support the top when pulled down into the writing position.; the top and side panels as well as the face frame are joined with dovetail joints. The plan requires a little more experience to build but it is not beyond the reach of any dutiful skilled craftsman.

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Purchase the plan or plans that work best for you:

  • Printable 2D shop drawings in PDF format designed to be printed in ANSI D-size (22”x34”).
  • An easy to use and yet powerful 3D PDF – great for visualizing your entire project or individual parts, with the power of the 3D PDF you can: rotate, pan, zoom, measure, hide and unhide a part or parts and much more.
  • A SketchUp® Model. Powerful and creative, you will be able to everything you do with the 3D PDF and more, much more.
  • The Ultimate Plan Package includes the 2D shop drawings, the 3D PDF and the SketchUp® Model, this package gives you the power and flexibility to not only view but to visualize and interact with your plan.

SKU: SHWD1011 (2D Shop Drawing PDF) $35.00
SKU: SHWD1012 (3D PDF) $10.00
SKU: SHWD1013 (SketchUp Model) $15.00
SKU: SHWD1014 (Ultimate Plan Package) $50.00

Please feel free to send us an email if you plan on using hardware from another manufacturer, and we will work with you to modify the plan to accommodate your hardware.

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