Our shop drawings contain all of the essential dimensions, details and sectional views you will need to produce your project.

The answer to that question varies from person to person, we each have our own motivations; for some it’s the satisfaction of seeing someone enjoy something we have put our heart and soul into, for others it’s the pure satisfaction of the build, and yet for others it represents something learned, our limits pushed and expanded. I think for most, if not all of us, it is all of the above.

We are a small company devoted to earning your satisfaction; and if you’re like us, and we believe you are, you will agree that satisfaction is largely based on two attributes: quality and reliability. We are committed to realizing these attributes by providing detailed, accurate and understandable woodworking plans. Our goal is to eliminate as much of the potential guesswork and confusion out of your woodworking plans by producing highly accurate and detailed plans in multiple formats. If you have ever been in the position where you were uncertain about what a hidden line represents on a set of shop drawings, and you wished you could spin that part around to see all of that part’s characteristics in context – well, now you can.

Our shop drawings have all of the necessary orthographic views, sectional views, details and dimensions to build all of the parts and complete your project, but sometimes having a 3D model, whether it’s a SketchUp model or a 3D PDF, makes all the difference in visualizing parts and finished products so that you don’t waste your time and/or materials. Of course there are some of us that need only a 3D model to build and complete a project, that’s why with Foremost Design’s plans you have the ability to get just what your experience and budget allows; you can purchase just the SketchUp model, or just the 3D PDF, or just the shop drawings, or you can buy all three. Now you have choices.

Speaking of choices. What if you don’t see what you’re looking for in our growing selection of plans? Contact us; we would love to work with you to develop and produce a full set plans for your dream project and in the format of your choice: SketchUp model, 3D PDF, shop drawings, or all three.

So, give us a try, the Brooke’s Bench plans are free and will provide you with a great bench when you’re done with the build.

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